Two Reasons to Consider VOIP PBX Systems in Maui Over a Hosted Service

by | May 24, 2018 | Call Center

Many small businesses today rely on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service hosted by an independent provider. VoIP service frequently combines low recurring costs with the kinds of advanced features whose prices formerly put them out of reach of many smaller companies.

While it can certainly make sense to start off with a hosted VoIP system, it can also pay to make the move to an on-site Private Branch Exchange (PBX) setup later on. Providers of VOIP PBX Systems in Maui like the one online at are always ready to help their clients make the leap when the moment is right.

Upgrading to a VoIP PBX Can Pay Off for a Growing Business

One of the key features of hosted VoIP service is how accessible it is. Without needing to invest much in equipment, businesses that opt for this style of service can nonetheless gain access to many of the benefits of VoIP.

At the same time, a hosted service is also inherently and necessarily limiting in a number of respects. Owners of VOIP PBX Systems in Maui enjoy important advantages compared to hosted service that include:

  • Control.
  • Most hosted VoIP providers strive to do everything possible to accommodate the needs of their clients. Even so, relying on another party for service means giving up fine-grained control over a wide variety of VoIP variables. Owning and operating a PBX on-site means always being able to make whichever arrangements will suit a given business the best. While it can take some commitment and investment to take advantage of this possibility, the effort pays off for many companies.
  • Scaling.
  • It will almost always be possible to grow to a certain extent within the limits of a hosted VoIP service arrangement. Once those limits have been reached, however, things will typically become more difficult. Having a PBX on site will often make it much easier to accommodate growth naturally and flexibly. For companies that are likely to grow significantly in the future, it can even make sense to start from this point.

VoIP Experts Have the Advice and Products Needed

Consulting a local company that works with VoIP regularly will often make it clear when a move to a dedicated PBX could be merited. Businesses that do so at the right time almost always appreciate the results.

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