Tips on Where and How to Get a Free Cell Phone and Calling Plan With Data

by | Nov 14, 2022 | Communications Services

If you need a phone but are having a hard time making ends meet, you may qualify for a ACP Lifeline free phone. ACP stands for affordable connectivity program. Through this service, users can make calls, send text messages, and access the internet.


There are several ways to qualify for a free phone. If you have limited income, you might automatically be eligible. The income limits are based on a household. Another way you might qualify is if you are enrolled in certain government programs. There are dozens of qualifying assistance programs. A few of them are WIC, CalFresh, and SNAP. Veterans may also apply. Families with children in a school lunch program, such as NSL, may also be eligible.


Unlike many traditional cellular plans, ACP Lifeline plans do not lock you into a lengthy contract. You will not be billed for monthly activity. The system gives you a set number of free minutes every month, and there are also unlimited data plans available. If you are on a limited schedule and you run out of minutes, there are inexpensive options you can opt into.


Various government agencies sponsor the ACP Lifeline free phone program. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved it. The goal is to ensure people can communicate with family, work, and school. The providers link households with broadband internet. An ACP Lifeline free phone is an affordable way for individuals and families to stay connected to each other and the world. For more information on accessing this service, contact at

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