Three Common Types of Card Access Control Systems in Plainfield IN

by | Dec 31, 2018 | Security System Supplier

Properly securing a business facility is one way of protecting it from a variety of possible threats. Places of business where access is not controlled appropriately and effectively can easily succumb to many dangers and problems.

Card access control systems in Plainfield IN often prove to be fundamental to security strategies that address issues like these and others. Having the most appropriate type of access system installed will inevitably provide benefits of many significant kinds.

Several Different Types of Cards and Readers to Choose From

Cards that are issued to employees and others authorized to access certain areas provide an affordable, effective way to enhance security. That is even more frequently the case when a suitable type of card-based system has been chosen for installation. The most common kinds of card access control systems in Plainfield IN are based on proven technologies like:

Barcodes: Simple barcodes can be used to enable access to places where security-related requirements are not especially high. Barcodes can be scanned quickly, ensuring that delays related to access control will be unlikely to arise. In many cases, printing new barcodes can even be done with existing equipment, making the management of credentials a lot easier. While barcodes are not appropriate in all environments, they can make for an especially accessible solution in certain facilities.

Magnetic Stripes: The same types of magnetic stripes still found on most credit cards can also be used to facilitate access control. Compared to barcodes, magnetic stripes are more difficult to duplicate, although determined attackers still have ways of counterfeiting them. Magnetic stripes do not succumb to physical damage as easily as barcodes generally do, but can still become demagnetized or corrupted.

Proximity Detection: Technologies like NFC are also increasingly used to allow proximity-based access control. In many cases, a proximity-enabled card will even feature cryptographic measures that make it impossible to duplicate.

Plenty of Expert Advice is Available

Contact us and any questions regarding access control technologies like these and others will be answered. Choosing the right type of card-based access control system will often go a long way toward solving a number of security-related problems at once.

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