The Benefits of Running Your Call Centers in Honolulu

by | Dec 31, 2012 | Telephone system

Over the last 20 years there has been a worldwide shift in the location of corporate call centers driven by the low costs of English speaking labor in various Asian countries. The combined costs of the labor, telephone infrastructure and staff training have been much lower than the costs of employing people at home. The downside to this has been a loss of customer confidence in corporations, as they are often faced with dealing with an operative speaking mangled English, who does not understand the local accents around the USA. This problem can be overcome by running your call centers in Honolulu.

Although labor costs are not as low as India, Malaysia and the Philippines, they are often lower than mainland USA. The advantages are that the labor force is educated in American schools speaking American English. This means that by locating your call centers in Honolulu you will have many of the benefits of an off shore operation without the draw backs of badly spoken American English.

Another benefit of basing your call centers in Honolulu is that you are not going to be dealing with a foreign telecoms company. Your calls will stay in the American network reducing the risks of working with engineers who do not fully understand your needs. Using an American company on American soil means there are no problems with different standards of service.

Once you have decided to move your call centers to Honolulu you will need to find a local specialist who has experience setting up the infrastructure to handle the expected volume of calls. They will also need to know local programmers to create or modify the call center software to suit your needs, system integration experts and database programmers etc.

To make your call centers in Honolulu operate smoothly, your chosen supplier will need to understand the way a modern call center works and be able to design a system to integrate calls and data coming into the center via many different routes; telephone calls, VOIP calls, SMS messages, emails, chat rooms, social media and faxes. They need to have the equipment and software in place to enable them to manage the incoming calls in such a way that call waiting times and lost calls are kept to a minimum.

Many companies who have brought their service desks back to America are finding that the feedback from their customers rises when they are connected to a Call Center agent based in America. This is an obvious benefit to business and a great reason to stop outsourcing to Asia and to run your own Call Centers in Honolulu.

Your local experts for the implementation of call centers in Honolulu are Envisions Networked Solutions. Envisions are experts in call center design using products from Cisco, Mitel, HP, NEC and many other major manufacturers and software suppliers.

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