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by | Jul 22, 2015 | Telephone system

Although it’s best to hire a consultant to help with Wireless Security Solutions, there are some things that people can do for themselves to help increase their wireless security. Changing the default user names and passwords on routers and access points is a start. There are still some people who will leave the default names and passwords in place. As such, the defaults are the first things that hackers will usually try when trying to gain access to wireless networks. Defaults user names and passwords for all makes and models of routers can easily be obtained online, so using them is not worth the risk.

Another thing that can be done to help with Wireless Security Solutions is to allow MAC address filtering. Devices that operate wireless networks will keep a list of the MAC addresses of all the devices that connect to the network. By only allowing known MAC addresses to connect to routers and access points, security can be enhanced. It’s important to understand that hackers can spoof MAC addresses if they know what they are known to them, so address filtering isn’t the only thing that should be relied on.

If a person visits Website or another website that deals with web security, a consultant will usually state that SSID broadcast should be disabled. The SSID is basically the networks name. When it is broadcast, anyone who is within broadcast range can see it. This can even be people who are not even inside the building. Hackers have been known to sit in parking lots outside of buildings while trying to get into networks. It’s also wise to enable firewalls on routers and access points. Computers should also have some level of firewall protection. Most routers will have built-in firewalls. Computers can use software available online for firewall protection.

Choosing static IP addresses over dynamic IP addresses will also help with wireless security. Since dynamic IP addresses are more convenient, people tend to use them. In order to assign static IP addresses, DHCP must be disabled on the router. After that, a range can be set for IP addresses. Before altering settings on any routers, people should have a full understanding of what they are doing. Messing up the settings could bring the network down.

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