Do You Ever Hold Meetings With Non English Speaking People?

Do You Ever Hold Meetings With Non English Speaking People?

They say that we live in a global village these days and this means that many of us are coming into more contact with foreigners. The ones that come to visit us for their own purposes may well have taken the trouble to learn how to speak English before departing on their travels. But, what if it is us who seek out the foreign language speaker, maybe we want to sell him something? Can we really expect him to learn our language before buying our product?

If learning new languages was an easy task, then, we could all confidently meet with any other person from any other country secure in the knowledge that we could speak with each other in total understanding. Unfortunately, real life is not like that and, so far, all efforts to introduce a “world language” have not really worked out.

Translators And Interpreters
It is probably true to say that New York is the world center for translators and interpreters. Not only because it is the home of the United Nations, but also due to the huge amount of international business conducted in or passing through New York.

The numbers of non-English speaking people that come to New York reflects on legal matters, from contracts to most other aspects of our laws. Sometimes, there is also a need to compare our laws to those that the visitors have in their own countries. Documents may well have to be translated or drawn up in more than one language.

There will also be a need for the American party to hold meetings with the foreign party. Even if both parties feel that they can just about make out what each is saying, it could well be a wise move to have Legal Interpreters In New York attend the meetings to ensure the accuracy of the understanding.

Do Not Overlook The Deaf
An aspect of the work carried out by Legal Interpreters In New York that often passes unnoticed is sign language for the deaf who may also be attending a meeting and have a need to know what the speakers are talking about. Whether translating spoken English into American Sign Language or from one language to another, the interpreter must not only have a full command of both languages but be sufficiently fast thinking to be able to provide nearly instantaneous translation so as to avoid the need for long gaps in the flow of the speakers speech.

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