The Right Marketing Campaign for a Landscape Business with Include the Best San Diego Live Answering Service

by | Jun 18, 2013 | Telecommunication

How many calls has your landscaping business missed as a result of your marketing campaign? Are you offering people in a certain county a free consultation and 15% percent off their bill in order to get a greater volume of work? In most cases, you will have some sort of marketing plan in place in order to bring in more clients. These clients can range from commercial to residential customers. However, if you are missing calls, your entire marketing campaign is a flop. Here this; people work at varying hours. They will call when no one is around to answer the phone and when your business is closed. Get help from the best San Diego Live Answering Service.

Though, your campaign and discount might look promising, the fact is if you are not picking up the phone and booking a consultation, the prospective clients are calling your competition to see if they can compete with your advertisement. What do you think the competition is going to tell them? Let’s be clear. They are going to land the deal off of your campaign. The competition is booking appointments that could have gone to your business if someone bothered to answer the phone.

The marketing campaign will not work if you are giving the prospects a direct reason to phone the competition. In fact, you are welcoming the prospects to take advantage of the competition. It is time to invest in what works. What works is best San Diego Live Answering Service. The operators will work the phones 24-hours a day. Further, they will book the consultations. In fact, they will collect names, addresses, property size and any problems that the prospects are currently facing. All of this can be well-managed thanks to interface.

Listen; if you are struggling with your landscape business, it is time to pull yourself out of the trenches. Develop your marketing campaign, invest in 24-hour operators and respond to your appointments. It is time to grow your business with the right plan for success. Do not wait for another prospect to hang up the phone at the sound of your office hours or other voice mail recording.


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